Fixated on Your Funding

Who We Are.

We are an asset-based lender fixated on helping real investors close more deals with less hassle, along with some of the best terms. Founded by Tarl Yarber, a real estate professional with over 600 flips under his belt, we know the pains most investors go through when sourcing reliable funding for their next property. We are not a lender for everyone, we are a lender for those with a track record of getting after it in real estate and would prefer a lender partner that recognizes their hard work and will reward them for it.

What We Do.

• Great for Flips and initial BRRRR Financing

• Minimum 660 FICO (soft pull)

• 12 month loan terms

• Single family up to 4 units (5+ is an exception)

• Up to 85% LTC

 Rates 10% – 12% depending on experience and geography

• Single Family 1-4 unit, and 5+ Units are an Exception

• Combine multiple properties into one portfolio

• Debt Service Coverage Ratio 1.0 minimum in most MSA’s and .75 in some Major MSA’s

• Minimum FICO 660

• Investment Properties only

• No tax returns or debt to income underwriting needed

• Short Term Rental property loans available

Our Lending Process.

We pride ourselves on keeping the process as simple as possible for the borrower. Utilizing technology and our client portal, together we can track loan processing, documents and tasks in order to make sure your loan goes through and your deal closes on time. We are not your “local” hard money lender though, and in order to offer you the best rates and terms, there are a few simple hoops to jump through.

1. Create a new account in our portal HERE

2. Log into the portal once account has been created HERE

3. Simply submit your property information and request a new loan via the Loan Portal

4. Begin checking off the initial tasks within The Portal

5. An offer will be released to you via The Portal, and once accepted, we are off to the races to get your loan closed and deal done

6. Rinse and repeat​

Got any questions?

At any time you can reach out to our talented team for assistance, bounce a deal by them, or ask further questions by emailing

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